Fitness is very important for our health… But not everybody likes keeping fit in the classic ways. So here are the top fitness trends for 2018!


Wearable technology is so practical and helpful! Let’s take the fit-bit for example. The fit-bit is a clock lookalike which tracks your steps, activity, meals, hours of sleep, and all that without you even noticing it! You can wear it while you’re taking a walk at the beach, while you are exercising, or even at home. Whatever your age, its a guarantee that wearable technology will turn you into a healthier human being!


Yoga stretches your muscles providing you with more flexibility, perfects your posture, increases your blood flow, makes you focused ¬†and more cheerful! There’s no more reasons needed, you should definitely give it a shot.


Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures in medical therapy. You get into a freezing cold chamber and your body does the rest. When your body gets cold, your blood goes to the important organs in order to protect them. There it picks up oxygen and when it’s in its natural position again it delivers the oxygen to your muscles. This action can prevent cancer, reduce depression and anxiety, help you with weight loss, etc. I believe this is one of my favorite trends and I have a feeling that I’m going to try it very soon!


Obstacle course racing is a tough race where you pass from many different obstacles and barriers as fast as you can, while there sometimes is a prize for the winner. It helps strengthen your brain as well as your body, keep your stress on check, etc. There are obstacle course races for beginners (Rugged Maniac, Spartan Sprint), as well as for professionals (Warrior Dash, GOROUK Challenge). Whet are you waiting for?


Boxing and kickboxing are as you can imagine, a great way of fighting stress. Due to the fact that both of them help you burn a lot of calories, they are efficient ways of losing weight. Furthermore they boost your energy level and confidence to the top, let alone the fact that it improves your coordination. You haven’t tried either of them?


Yes, virtual reality workouts! You simply buy the paper VR glasses, install the VR fitness app on your phone, and after placing it in the paper VR glasses, you wear them, jump on your exercise bike, and ride through a tropical island! This is one of the endless virtual reality workouts which can help you keep fit while entertaining yourself! This is a true miracle done by technology…

I hope this article entertained you as much as it did for me, and please don’t forget to tell me which was your favorite fitness trend for 2018!!